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Type -
OS Supported -
Win 7/8/8.1/10 32 & 64bit
Price Start From-
Coder -
Status -

Features list:



On key - Select a key for aimbot.

Select Aim-Mode - Choosing a hitbox.

Weapon Groups - (Pistols,Rifles,Snipers,SMGs & Heavys).

Aimlock - Auto-correct your aim spot.

SilentAim - Is solely client side invisible aim-movements.

On Scope - Scoped/Unscoped for Snipers.

Aim through Smoke - Target enemies through the smoke.

Target Teammates - Can target your teammates.

Backtrack - Allows you to kill enemies not in the position they are in currently but in the position they were in previously.

Ticks - per (milliseconds).

Aimbot Configurations - for all weapon groups.

Aim Fov - Field of view, in which the aimbot aims.

Aim Smoothness - Making a realistic aim effect.

RCS X & Y - Based on Aim Fov & Works without turning Aimbot on.


On key - Select a key.

Recoil Based on Aim - Recoil decreases when triggerboting an enemy.

Hitbox - Select a hitbox/hitboxes to trigger the enemy's body.

TriggerBot Delay - Makes your triggerbot sleep for ms (milliseconds)


ESP Teammates - Draws a Box around your team.

Visible Only - ESP will not appear through the walls.

Player Name - Draws a name above the player.

Player Money - Draws money beside the player.

ESP Type - Corner or BOX.

Health Bar - Amount of Health.

Bones (Skeleton) - Draws Bones of Player.

Viewmodel FOV - Modify View Model Field Of View.

Field Of View - Modify Field of view.

Night Mode - Colored Skybox.

Glow Enemies - Drawing a glow around the players.

Glow Teammates - Drawing a glow around your teammates.

C4 Glow - Draws a glow for C4 (Bomb).

Glow Weapons - Draws a glow for guns in the ground.

Chams Type - Textured, Flat & ect...

Enemies Visible - Will not appear through the walls.

Enemies Invisible - Appears through the walls.

Teammates Visible - Will not appear through the walls. 

Disable Chams Thru-Smoke - Ignore Chams through the smoke.

Anti-Flash - You will not get flashed.

C4 Planted - Draws a bomb timer.

Remove Scope - Get rid of scope when scoping.


Faceit Mode & (SS Cleaner) - Bypass Server-side Faceit Anti-Cheat, Only ESP is supported to use at this moment (Other visuals 'Glow' & 'Chams' are not supported) + Anti-Screenshot (Against Faceit Admins).

Bunnyhop - Auto-Bunnyhoping.

Edge Jump - It basically jumps at the exact moment you go of the edge.

ClanTag Changer - A Clantag will draw on your scoreboard beside your name.

Radarhack - Displays points in your radar (Teammates & Enemies).

Hitmarker - When you hit someone, you will hear a sound.

Recoil Crosshair - See exactly where your bullets are going.

Sniper Crosshair - You will have the default crosshair for Snipers.

Spectators List - Allows you to know who's spectating you.

Show Ranks - Works in competitive,wingman & dangerzone (Show Enemies & Teammates Ranks).


Knives - Select a knife (New Knives are available).

Gloves - Change from default gloves to other gloves.

Weapons - Choose your favorite skins.

Condition - Exterior Of items (Factory New,Minimal Wear,Field-Tested,Well-worn & Battle-Scarred)


Change all the colors of wallhacks.


Config Name - Type your config name.

Create Config - After typing the config name, press this button.

Reset Config - Reset config to the default.

Load Config - Load your saved config.

Delete Config - Remove your selected config.


Jan 11, 2020
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